Who We Help

  • Off the Clock Workers
  • Salaried Employees
  • Retail Employees
  • School District Employees
  • Independent Contractors
  • Food Processing Workers
  • Call Center Employees
  • Offshore Rig Workers
  • Onshore Oilfield Workers
  • Plant & Factory Workers
  • Escrow Employees
  • Recruiters


At Fibich, Leebron, Copeland, Briggs & Josephson, LLP, we work for you when your work has not been fairly compensated. Our employment law practice stretches across the nation helping those who have been unfairly denied wages or have wages owed to them.

Your Overtime Case & Statutes of Limitations

Statutes of Limitations are legal time constraints placed on a potential claim. This means that you only have a set amount of time within which to file your back wages or overtime pay case, or else you may not be able to ever recover and your employer will keep the wages owed to you. If you or a loved one believe you were not paid correctly, we can help. Don’t wait too long to protect your important legal rights. Contact us today, for a free and confidential legal consultation.

Who We Help and What We Do

Employment Misclassification

  • Retail Workers
  • Salaried Workers
  • Day Rate Employees
  • Independent Contractors
  • Hourly Workers

California Labor Code Claims

  • Failure to Reimburse for Expenses
  • Failure to Provide Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Failure to Pay Compensable Time
Shift Workers

  • Donning and Doffing
  • “Off the clock” Work
  • Auto-Deduction of Meal Periods
  • Hourly Employees Receiving a Per Diem
  • Underreported Hours

Maritime, Oilfield and Offshore Workers Claims

  • Misclassification as Exempt employee
  • “Off the clock” Work
  • Failure to Pay Compensable Time

Trusted Attorneys, Proven Results

Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, so we do not get paid unless you recover money in a court decision or settlement.

We are different from other employment lawyers because we work as trial attorneys to resolve your problems. Once we take your case and commit to you, your success is our priority, and we are prepared to litigate the matter to the fullest extent of the law. Contact us, and we can explain more about the process of hiring experienced trial lawyers for your wage claim case.

As in the workplace, in the courtroom it is always important to choose the RIGHT TEAM. Our team of trial attorneys is dedicated to our clients. We have the staff, the resources, and the significant legal experience to fight for you and your hard earned wages.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and our firm will start working to recover your back wages today.