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Employees are entitled to a fair day's pay for a hard day's work.

Clients of Fibich Hampton Leebron Briggs & Josephson, LLP, live all over the nation.  Our primary offices are in Houston, Texas, but we are where you need us to be.  Our priority is serving the needs of our clients.  For more than thirty years Fibich Hampton trial lawyers have focused on the client's priorities--your priorities.  We never forget that your case is one of the most important fights of your life.

Employment lawyers of Fibich Hampton want to help you get your back wages or the overtime you have already earned. 

Call us right away on 1-888-751-7050, if you have experienced any of the following:

  • your company owes you back wages
  • your company does not pay overtime
  • your misclassified as an exempt employee
  • you work MORE THAN 40 hours per week, but you get paid straight time instead of time and one half
  • your employer deducts from your salary when no work is available even though you are required to be at work
  • you are paid less than minimum wage
  • you are not paid for all the hours you work
  • you are required to work through meal breaks or rest breaks, but you aren't paid for your time
  • your paycheck bounces when you try and cash it
  • your employer doesn't pay you to for required tasks before your shift starts, or after your shift ends
  • you aren't paid for putting on or taking off safety equipment
  • you aren't paid for safety meetings or work activities before or after your shift
  • you receive less than time and one-half your hourly rate when you work more than 40 hours a week
  • you receive a salary, but no overtime
  • you worked as a 1099 independent contractor when you should have received a W2 form
  • you were charged the equipment or clothing required for the job
  • you worked off-the-clock
  • you worked overtime, but were told you weren't entitled to get paid for it

Your Overtime Case & Statute of Limitations

Statues of Limitations may impact your back wages or overtime pay case.  If you, or a loved one, did your job but didn't get paid correctly, we can help, but you need to contact us right away.  There may be time limitations that impact your case, and getting your back wages.  Don't wait too long.  Contact us!

Call Fibich Hampton at 1-888-751-7050

Choosing an Employment Lawyer

Experience matters in choosing an employment lawyer.  Representing clients across the nation and around the world, Tommy Fibich, Michael Josephson and the trial lawyers at Fibich Hampton have won lawsuits, or secured settlements from major corporations and organizations.  Check out our Verdicts & Settlements page for more information.  It is important to go after your back wages or overtime pay!

You Deserve Your Back Wages & Overtime

Though no one can undo the mental stress, our attorneys have the dedication, experience and skill to lead you through the litigation process to investigate your legal options and to fight on your behalf--for your back wages.  It's time to hold your employer responsible.

Trusted Attorneys, Proven Results

Fibich Hampton works on a contingency basis, so we don't get paid unless you recover money in a court decision or settlement.

Our expertise is working as trial attorneys to resolve problems.  We don't ignore you or your requests for information. Once we take your case and commit to you, your success is our priority. Contact us and we can explain more about the process of hiring experienced trial lawyers.

In the workplace it's always important to choose the RIGHT TEAM.  The Fibich Hampton team of trial attorneys are dedicated to our clients. We have the staff, the resources and the experience to fight for you, and your back wages.

Fibich Hampton trial lawyers are highly responsive to clients, offering consistent and effective representation.  We have the resources to tackle each client's specific needs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and get started on tackling your legal issue!

Contact us, We are ready to help

Our attorneys are ready to help you recover full and fair money damages for YOUR BACK WAGES with a minimum disruption of your daily life.  You may be owed many thousands in overtime or unpaid compensation. 

Call us today  1-888-751-7050

We want to help you get your back wages or earned overtime pay. Contact us for a free case evaluation to learn more.


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