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Despite Being Valued at $4 Billion, Belk Still Not Paying Employees Overtime

Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports that North Carolina-based retailer Belk, the largest family-owned and operated department store chain in the country, has hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to value the company and to “evaluate strategic alternatives, including a potential sale.” According to these reports, Goldman Sachs may have valued the...

Oilfield Misclassification

Have I Been Misclassified by My Employer?

Most Texas employers are honest and forthright and do right by their employees when it comes to pay and taxes. However, there a significant number of employers use unfair methods to try and save money and avoid paying taxes. One of the most popular ways they do that is by misclassifying their employees as “independent...

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Per Diem Wage Payments and Unpaid Overtime

While it may seem as if cases in which wage theft occurs are isolated, the fact of the matter is, if you’re one of those who lost money, it does matter to you, a lot. According to a recent report released by the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2014 alone they were able to recover...

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Why You May Be Owed Back Wages

For over a century, the 40-hour workweek has been an American institution. It became law in 1938 under the Fair Labor and Standards Act. This law also set standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, and what counts as ‘hours worked.’ The FLSA is still in place today and continues to govern these important labor issues....

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Are Major Oil Companies Denying Workers Their Rightful Wages?

Both federal and state regulations protect the rights of workers in all fields. Unfortunately, the oil industry is home to many workers who may be denied their rightful wages on a daily basis. Driller, MWDs, LWDs, engineers, and a range of other workers frequently put in 80 hours of work each week and fail to...

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Top 3 Causes of Fatalities in Oilfields

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industry contributes an alarming number of injuries and fatalities each year. Workers face the potential for serious harm while performing dangerous tasks and pulling long, physically demanding hours. When operating massive machinery and handling hazardous materials, an accident can easily lead to a worker’s death. Among the...

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Leam May Have Corrected Driller’s Misclassification, but May Still Owe Employees Wages

As the spotlight moves toward the misclassification of a wide range of oilfield workers, many companies are taking a look at their employees and correcting some mistakes. Leam Drilling Systems is among the companies that may have corrected the classification of many of its drillers, but that does not absolve the possibility of back wages...

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MWDs Often Denied The Overtime Wages They Are Legally Owed

The massive and complex oil and gas industry involves tens of thousands of workers in different capacities. Among the oilfield employees, MWDs perform the pivotal role of providing real time information while drilling. Among other oilfield workers, MWDs are often denied overtime pay the most. Even though most MWDs work more than 84 hours a...

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The Role of Releases in Class Action and Collective Waivers

With massive layoffs facing thousands of oil industry workers, many employees will find themselves being forced to sign overly broad releases in exchange for paltry severance payments. Many of these agreements contain dangerous waivers of important rights and valuable claims. Hoping employees won’t understand the significant rights they are giving up, employer often use confusing...

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Lowe’s Settlement Shows Perils of Misclassifying Contractors

As workers stand up for their rights and federal regulations crack down on employment classification practices, the number of corporations facing accountability continues to grow. Just this week Lowe’s joined the ranks of Google, FedEx, and Uber in settling lawsuits over misclassifying its independent contractors. Lowe’s current and former employees will recover over $10 million...

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Oil Rig in Texas

Layoffs Poised in Energy Sector

Dropping oil prices have offered relief to individual wallets across the U.S., but these decreases bring a host of troubles for the oil industry, particularly in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and North Dakota. As prices drop, thousands of workers in the oil and gas industry are facing layoffs.  Companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford,...

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Offshore Diver

Offshore Divers and Team Members Often Underpaid

Although the immediate image of a diver for many people may involve brightly colored fish, the truth is that industries across the world employ thousands of commercial divers every year. The oil and gas industry requires divers to install, inspect, operate and maintain offshore rigs and their equipment. In addition, teams must assist in the...

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