Offshore Misclassification

Misclassification of vessel tankermen as exempt from overtime even though tankermen spend more than 20% of their time loading and unloading liquid product Who is eligible? All individuals who were (a) employed by ACL as a Tankerman within the past three years; and (b) paid a “day rate” with no overtime compensation Style of Case…

Hourly Oilfield Workers

Failure to compensate hourly oilfield workers for all overtime worked using proper overtime rate which includes per diems and mandatory meetings pay Who is eligible to join All current and former hourly employees of Weatherford employed during the past 3 years that received hourly pay and a non-discretionary bonus. Style of Case Victor Garcia, et al….

Offshore – Dive Team

Failure to compensate offshore employees for safety meetings, shift relief, mobilization and demobilization Who is eligible to join All current and former hourly offshore personnel who have been employed at any time by defendant Cal Dive International, Inc. within the past three years. This includes Divers, Tenders, Sat. Techs, Life Support Technicians, Wedlders, ROV Techs….

Off the Clock/California Labor Code Violations

Failure to pay for all hours worked, provide meal periods, paycheck compliance Who is eligible to join Current and former non-exempt hourly and salaried from May 22, 2010 to the present in Cytec Engineered Materials’ California Facilities. Style of Case Ian Phillips, et al. v. Cytec Engineered Materials, INC. Date Filed May 5, 2014 Cause…

Oilfield Misclassification

Misclassification of Operators and failure to pay overtime Who is eligible to join All operators employed by Wellbenders during the past three years. Style of Case Alex Ramirez, et al. v. Wellbenders Directional Services, LLC Date Filed October 17, 2014 Cause No.  4:14-cv-02971 Submit Inquiry   Misclassification of Directional Drillers and failure to pay overtime Who is eligible…

Software Industry

Misclassification of Technical Trainer position Who is eligible to join? All individuals who are or were: (a) employed by VMWare as Technical Trainers (or any similar job categories or jobs with similar duties) within the past four years prior to the filing of this action; and (b) paid a salary with no overtime pay Style…


Misclassification of Store Manager and Manager in Training position Who is eligible to join? During the prior three years, Plaintiff and similarly situated employees were employed by Defendant as Managers in Training or as Managers. Style of Case Alina Tamas, et al. V. Family Video Movie Club, Inc. Date Filed February 14, 2011 Cause No….