In California, the law requires that an employer provide an employee a half-hour lunch break for every five hours that employee works. For every 12 hours of work, an employer is required to give an employee two half-hour lunch breaks.

Paid 10-minute rest breaks must be offered to an employee for every 3 ½ hours worked. While it is legal for an employee to waive these rest periods, it is illegal for an employer to fail to offer them.

You may be eligible to be reimbursed for your time if your employer has:

  • Denied you full lunch breaks based on the number of hours you have worked
  • Preemptively waived your paid rest breaks
  • Failed to offer you paid 10 minute rest breaks
  • Failed to allow you to take your full lunch or rest breaks without having to concurrently perform work duties

The California Labor Code requires that an employer pay you one full hour of pay for every day that they violated the law by not allowing you proper breaks. We can help you recoup the money you deserve from the employers that improperly denied you the breaks that the law requires.