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Ian Justice has a broad range of experience, he’s represented individuals across Texas on both the civil and criminal sides of the law. For the past few years, he’s worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County handling cases from as small as a traffic ticket to as serious as murder. As a prosecutor, most of his time was spent in the Courtroom arguing and litigating on behalf of the people of Harris County. He’s tried cases at every stage of his career and he’s proud of the work that he’s done for the community.

Ian received his undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University, having always wanted to be a lawyer he went on to go to law school. Ian grew up in a military household, he heard that Baylor Law was the “boot camp” of law school he knew that was the next challenge. Ian graduated from Baylor Law with a concentration in General Civil Litigation, from there he went to work on both Civil and Criminal cases across the state.

Ian’s passion really is helping people, he hopes that he can bring his litigation skills to help individuals who have been taken advantage of by their employers.

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