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Unpaid Wages

Are you still waiting for wages of any kind from your employer? Maybe overtime or travel pay? Were you recently switched to a new job title, but your job duties stayed the same? Does your employer often ask you to work before or after clocking in?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need our help. All of these methods are ways that an employer can steal time without paying for it – but that time is still legally owed to you. Here at Josephson Dunlap, we are dedicated solely to defending employee rights and winning back the pay your time has rightfully earned.

We don’t work for employers, so we can focus our entire effort on employee representation in defense of unpaid wages and misclassification. JD attorneys will protect you, your reputation, and your job against employer misconduct as we secure your rightful wages swiftly – and at no cost to you.

Your Wages and Experience Matter to Us

We have seen it thousands of times before. Employers promise to pay unpaid wages, and yet the money never comes. Employees often feel out of options and out of money. How can you pay an attorney to sue for unpaid wages when you have not been getting paid your full amount? We are here to tell you it is possible and that we are here to help you. We believe you are owed your unpaid wages, and we will fight for you with no money down. You’ve already lost your time, but you can still be paid fairly for the work you’ve already done.

Safely – We Will Protect You

You cannot be fired for claiming your rightful pay.

As an employee, you might fear that your employer will try to retaliate if you try to sue for your unpaid wages. We understand that. We will protect you. Josephson Dunlap’s helped thousands of employees take back what is theirs and are experts not only at reclaiming your unpaid wages but also at protecting you and your job at the same time. Standing up for your employees’ rights is the honorable thing to do and also serves to defend your coworkers who may be similarly mistreated and underpaid.

The attorneys of Josephson Dunlap are dedicated to protecting the rights and reputation of each one of our clients. In fact, we don’t ever work for employers, so there is never a conflict of interest. Our time and focus are always fully devoted to helping you get fair pay and the best possible professional outcome.

Securely – We Erase the Risk

We will make sure that claiming your back wages has no negative effect on your life or professional career. First, you can reclaim your wages at no out-of-pocket cost. Our law firm puts no financial burden on our direct clients because losing money is what we’re trying to prevent for you. We do this because you deserve not to lose money after putting in your hard work and payable hours.

Josephson Dunlap’s attorneys will also protect you from employer retaliation. We can help you take action against a campaign of harassment or demotion or sue for wrongful termination if your employer acts hastily in their desire to avoid paying your full value or admitting their wrongdoing.

With JD, you have a partner on your side no matter what happens.

Quickly – We Don’t Waste Your Time

At JD, we know that if you’re fighting for back pay, you have already lost too much time missing out on your hard-earned money. Our legal team won’t make you wait any longer. We will dedicate our time to swiftly processing your case and forcing action from your employer to help make up for the time you have lost. Josephson Dunlap has represented tens of thousands of clients for misclassification, unpaid overtime, and working off the clock. Our team knows the system, and we know what works.

Stop losing your precious time and reunite with your money quickly when you work with the JD team.

Here at Josephson Dunlap, we are passionate about protecting employees from unfair pay practices. Let us win back your wages at no cost or risk to you, with no time to waste. Contact us today to consult on the circumstances of your unpaid wages. We look forward to helping you reclaim the value of your time and hard work.

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