Archer Drilling MWD and DD Unpaid Overtime Class Certified

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With headquarters based in Houston, Archer is a globally active oil company which provides a range of drilling services. In filling the needs of its clients, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) workers and Directional Drillers (DD) play important roles. These employees ensure that drilling is executed in the most efficient way possible through the use of current technology and an application of mathematics and science.

Workers such as these are protected by the federal guidelines listed in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which defines the parameters of a workweek and certain rights granted to all workers in the U.S. Among these requirements is the need to compensate workers for hours worked beyond 40 in one week at an overtime rate of 1.5 times their regular rate of pay.

Specific exemptions may prevent a requirement to pay an employee overtime wages, but workers are often misclassified as an exception and denied the payment that they are rightfully due. Oil and gas industry workers frequently fall under this category and are forced to seek compensation in court for the rightful overtime wages that they have been denied. Among the many class action suits seeking this type of compensation, the MWDs and DDs employed by Archer Drilling have filed to regain the unpaid overtime wages that they have been wrongfully denied.

The suit explains that both MWDs and DDs perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis, over which they have little or no control. They do no hold supervisory responsibilities over any other employees, and their roles involve little independence. Based on this description, they are not exempt from overtime payment. These employees often work in excess of 80 hours per week, and they are seeking the wages that have been denied to them for these extra hours.

The collection of individuals seeking compensation from Archer on this basis has already been certified to file as a class action. This means that numerous workers can present evidence and seek their back wages as a group, with a collective verdict deciding all of the cases.

Archer Drilling MWD Lawyers

If you presently or previously worked as an Archer Drilling MWD or DD, you should seek legal representation immediately to determine if you may be eligible for unpaid overtime wages. You could participate as a member of the class action suit and be compensated for overtime hours that you have worked in the past 3 years.

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