May 25 2015 / Misclassification

Have I Been Misclassified By My Employer?

Most Texas employers are honest and forthright and do right by their employees when it comes to pay and taxes. However, there a significant number of employers use unfair methods to try and save money and avoid paying taxes. One of the most popular ways they do that is by misclassifying their employees as “independent…

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February 05 2015 / Misclassification, Oil & Gas

Leam Misclassified Drillers, Still Owes Employees Wages

As the spotlight moves toward the misclassification of a wide range of oilfield workers, many companies are taking a look at their employees and correcting some mistakes. Leam Drilling Systems is among the companies that may have corrected the classification of Misclassified Drillers, but that does not absolve the possibility of back wages owed to…

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January 26 2015 / Misclassification

Lowe’s Settlement Shows Perils of Misclassifying Contractors

As workers stand up for their rights and federal regulations crack down on employment classification practices, the number of corporations facing accountability continues to grow. Just this week Lowe’s joined the ranks of Google, FedEx, and Uber in settling its lawsuit over misclassifying its independent contractors. Lowe’s current and former employees will recover over $10…

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