July 12 2017 / Oil & Gas

Are You One of the Top Five Misclassified Oilfield Jobs?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 212,000 workers employed in the oil and gas industry. These employees are part of a growing field that is known for its hard labor and long hours. Unfortunately, many of these workers are denied payment that federal law entitles them to.

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June 11 2015 / Oil & Gas, Overtime

Have Drilling Fluid Engineers Been Denied Overtime?

The Texas oil and gas boom has made many Texans better off economically, and it has provided a lot of jobs for Texans who were going through difficult times previously. Unfortunately, the boom in jobs has brought with it a significant increase in attempts by employers to squeeze every last dollar out of their employers…

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May 13 2015 / Oil & Gas

Classification as Independent Contractor While Working in the Oilfield

Overtime pay is not a bonus. It is required by federal law, as dictated in the Fair Labor Standards Act, and this document explains that all must workers must be paid at a rate of 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for any hours more then 40 that are worked in one week. There…

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February 13 2015 / Oil & Gas

Are Major Oil Companies Denying Workers Their Rightful Wages?

Both federal and state regulations protect the rights of workers in all fields. Unfortunately, the oil industry is home to many workers who may be denied their rightful wages on a daily basis. Driller, MWDs, LWDs, engineers, and a range of other workers frequently put in 80 hours of work each week and fail to…

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February 10 2015 / Oil & Gas

Top Causes of Oilfield Fatalities

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industry contributes an alarming number of injuries and fatalities each year. Workers face the potential for serious harm while performing dangerous tasks and pulling long, physically demanding hours. When operating massive machinery and handling hazardous materials, an accident can easily lead to Oilfield Fatalities. Among the sources…

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