February 05 2015 / Misclassification, Oil & Gas

Leam Misclassified Drillers, Still Owes Employees Wages

As the spotlight moves toward the misclassification of a wide range of oilfield workers, many companies are taking a look at their employees and correcting some mistakes. Leam Drilling Systems is among the companies that may have corrected the classification of Misclassified Drillers, but that does not absolve the possibility of back wages owed to…

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January 26 2015 / Oil & Gas

Layoffs Poised in Energy Sector

Dropping oil prices have offered relief to individual wallets across the U.S., but these decreases bring a host of troubles for the oil industry, particularly in areas throughout Texas. As the price of barrels sinks internationally by the day, thousands of workers in the oil and gas industry are facing layoffs. Baker Hughes, one of…

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January 26 2015 / Class Actions, Oil & Gas

The Role of Releases in Class Actions and Collective Waivers

With massive layoffs facing thousands of oil industry workers, many employees will find themselves faced with paperwork from their employer required in order to get their severance. In conjunction with the rise of forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts, many employee contracts now also force workers to settle disputes through mediation, expressly waiving their constitutional…

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December 11 2014 / Oil & Gas, Overtime

Archer Drilling MWD and DD Unpaid Overtime Class Certified

With headquarters based in Houston, Archer is a globally active oil company which provides a range of drilling services. In filling the needs of its clients, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) workers and Directional Drillers (DD) play important roles. These employees ensure that drilling is executed in the most efficient way possible through the use of…

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November 21 2014 / Oil & Gas

Oilfield Worker Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

Workers can sometimes lose their employment based on lay-offs, poor performance, or other issues, but sometimes a termination may violate a worker’s rights – in this case it would constitute Wrongful Termination. When an oilfield worker such as a driller, operator, or engineer loses his or her job based on an illegal premise, they may…

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