Drill Fluid Engineers Denied Overtime Wages by Anchor Drilling

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The oil and gas industry is a field known for requiring long hours and tiring manual labor. Many workers pull 12-hour shifts throughout the week, accumulating more than 80 hours on the job in one week. In some fields, working this much would lead to a nice overtime bonus, but for many oilfield employees, they are paid a base salary regardless of any extra hours they work.

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that any time worked beyond 40 hours in one workweek be compensated at a rate of 1.5 times the regular rate of pay, unless workers fall into a specific set of exceptions. Despite performing repetitive, manual labor, many employees are denied their rightful overtime wages through misclassification as exempt from payment.

Are Drill Fluid Engineers Exempt from Overtime?

Drill Fluid Engineers employed by Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc. may be among the misclassified workers who have been denied overtime pay. Anchor is one of the largest U.S. oil companies, employing workers in 13 states and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While working for Anchor, Drill Fluid Engineers perform a set of pre-determined tasks and are not allowed to vary their duties. They are paid on a day-rate or a set salary, regardless of how many hours they work in one week.

Exemptions to the FLSA requirement for overtime payment are clearly outlined, and they do not include workers in this category. Certain supervisory positions are exempt, but they require that workers hold a degree of independence and control over their daily actions, such as how to complete a certain task. While performing tasks such as ensuring that drilling fluids are within certain specifications, the Drilling Fluid Engineers do not have the required degree of control over their daily actions to justify an exemption from overtime wages. Based on this violation of FLSA’s standards, they have filed a collective action with the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania to seek out unpaid overtime wages owed to them.

Seeking Compensation for Unpaid Wages For Drill Fluid Engineers

Any Drill Fluid Engineers who have been employed by Anchor Drilling in the last 3 years may qualify for compensation for unpaid overtime wages and should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The attorneys of Josephson Dunlap LLP have helped hundreds of oilfield employees regain the back wages they are rightfully due, and they stand ready to review the situation of any oilfield worker who feels their rights under the FLSA have been violated.