Gyrodata MWD and Field Engineers Owed Overtime

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The oil and gas industry is an important field that provides the necessary energy to keep our society going. However, workers in this field often pull long hours and extended shifts to complete their tasks, with many working over 80 hours in one week. These overtime hours should bring in extra income for hard working employees, but unfortunately many oilfield workers are denied the overtime compensation that they are rightfully due.

The Fair Labor Standards Act outlines that workers must be compensated at rate of 1.5 times their normal pay rate for hours beyond 40 which are worked in one week, unless they meet very specific qualifications as an exception. Too many workers in the oil industry have been told that they are exempt from this law when they truly shouldn’t be.

Lawsuit Filed Against Gyrodata on Behalf of Surveyors

For just such a violation, MWDs and field engineers, also known as surveyors, have filed a lawsuit against Gyrodata for unpaid overtime wages. The company provides precision wellbore survey services to fields across the globe, with many workers stationed in Houston.

As a field engineer, a worker’s day is routine and predetermined, with little room to make independent decisions and no managerial duties. The tasks often involve manual labor, and no higher education is required to complete the assigned duties. Based on this description of their job, they do not fall under the FLSA’s exemptions for overtime payment. Field engineers employed by Gyrodata frequently work 60 to 80 hours a week, sometimes more, yet they are paid on a salary basis with a day rate bonus and no overtime compensation.

This collective action seeks to recover the thousands of dollars in unpaid back wages which are owed to hundreds of field engineers who have worked for Gyrodata. Through establishing that one field engineer was wrongfully denied overtime wages and that all field engineers perform very similar roles, the claim will help many more workers who have been denied payment for their long hours of hard work.

Seeking Compensation from Gyrodata as a Collective Action

The claim filed against Gyrodata seeks compensation on behalf of all field engineers who have been employed with the company in the last three years. As a collective action, rather than class action, workers must opt-in to the claim in order to participate and receive compensation.

All field engineers employed by Gyrodata in the last three years may qualify for compensation and should contact a lawyer now. If you’ve worked as a surveyor, MWD, LWD, or other role at Gyrodata, an attorney can evaluate whether you have been falsely qualified as exempt from overtime wages.

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