Leam Misclassified Drillers, Still Owes Employees Wages

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As the spotlight moves toward the misclassification of a wide range of oilfield workers, many companies are taking a look at their employees and correcting some mistakes. Leam Drilling Systems is among the companies that may have corrected the classification of Misclassified Drillers, but that does not absolve the possibility of back wages owed to previously misclassified employees.

Thousands of MWDs and other oil industry drillers face misclassification that denies them of their rightful wages, including overtime payment for long hours worked each week. Thankfully, employers sometimes recognize the error of this classification and may begin paying workers for overtime hours and other benefits. For those that have been recently reclassified, however, they may not be aware that their employer owes them back wages for their time spent misclassified.

In most situations, workers can seek out compensation for up to three years of unpaid wages. This means that if a company acknowledges its misclassification of a worker and changes their compensation situation, the worker may have been wrongfully denied overtime wages and other benefits for a long time, and they may be owed for the time that they were not fully compensated.

Lawyers For Misclassified Drillers

If you worked at Leam Drilling or another oil industry company and were recently reclassified, consult with the attorneys of Josephson Dunlap LLP to determine if you could be owed unpaid wages while you were misclassified. Our attorneys have sought compensation for hundreds of oilfield workers, and we can confidently advise you on what options may be available to you.

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