Are Major Oil Companies Denying Workers Their Rightful Wages?

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Both federal and state regulations protect the rights of workers in all fields. Unfortunately, the oil industry is home to many workers who may be denied their rightful wages on a daily basis. Driller, MWDs, LWDs, engineers, and a range of other workers frequently put in 80 hours of work each week and fail to see the benefits of their hard work.

This occurs in a number of ways, preventing employees from receiving the benefits rightfully owed to them. Since many oilfield workers are paid on a salary or day rate basis, they may not know that they are still eligible for overtime wages and other benefits. Regardless of field bonuses and other wages, a worker is not automatically disqualified from overtime based on the way they are paid. Many workers are also misclassified as independent contractors, denying them benefits under a false title.

The Fair Labor Standards Act outlines the necessary requirements for a worker to be denied overtime benefits. These guidelines typically involve the worker’s actual tasks and job description, rather then their method of compensation. Too often employers deny their workers overtime and other wages based on a violation of the FLSA.

Major Oil Companies That May Owe Workers Unpaid Wages:

  • Haliburton
  • Archer
  • Leam
  • Anchor Drilling
  • Newpark
  • Weatherford
  • Gyrodata

Even if your classification status has recently been updated, you may still be owed back wages for the time you spent working while misclassified. No amount of wages or bonuses absolves an employer from compensating its workers according to federal law, and you have the right to demand full payment for the hours that you put in. The laws surrounding employee rights can involve nuanced topics, and a labor law attorney can review the details of your work situation to determine if your rights are being upheld.

Lawyers For Rightful Wages

If you suspect that you may have been denied the wages to which you are lawfully entitled, contact the attorneys of Josephson Dunlap LLP today. We have helped hundreds of oilfield employees seek compensation from even the most intimidating companies, and we are not afraid to stand up for your rights at a hard-working employee.