Newpark Drilling Fluid Service Technicians Owed Overtime

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) outlines that all workers are entitled to overtime pay, unless they meet very strict requirements for exemption. Those eligible for overtime must be compensated at a rate of 1.5 times their regular hourly rate for any hours beyond 40 that are worked in a span of one week. Exemptions include a number of scenarios, but unfortunately many workers are denied the overtime payment that they are due based on a false claim that they work in a supervisory position. Many oilfield workers face this situation and are consistently denied their rightful wages through misclassification.

One such instance, which is currently being explored, is the plight of Drilling Fluid Service Technicians employed by Newpark Drilling Fluids (NDF). This company is a Houston-based subsidiary of Newpark Resources, Inc. In addition to providing fluid systems to offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and across Texas, Louisiana, the Mid-Continent, and the Rocky Mountains, the company also services oil fields across the world.

While working for this multi-million dollar company, the many fluid service technicians employed there worked to build and maintain the fluid systems associated with drilling oil wells. These Fluid Service Technicians would regularly work in excess of 80 hours a week, often including daily 12 hour shifts. The job includes manual, repetitive labor, with no supervisory administration over other positions or workers. Based on this description, the technicians should have received overtime payment for their work. However, they have been compensated based on a salary rate and a daily field bonus.

In light of this denial of rightful wages, a collective action complaint has been brought against Newpark on behalf of all Fluid Service Technicians who have worked there in the past 3 years. According to the suit, which was filed with the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, over 100 Fluid Service Technicians have worked for Newpark during that time, and they have all been denied their rightful payment for overtime work.

A collective action is different than a class action, in that an employee must opt-in to be a part of the claim. Rather than every employee being automatically part of the suit, each worker will need to sign an agreement signifying that they which to be considered as part of the collective action, and to receive their back wages if they ordered by the court.

Lawyers For Newpark Drilling Fluid Service Technicians Owed Overtime

All fluid service technicians employed by Newpark Drilling during the past 3 years may qualify for compensation and should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to determine if they are eligible for payment under this collective action. Workers for the company could be owed thousands in unpaid wages, and they have a right to what they are legally owed under Federal law.