Offshore Divers Not Paid for Mandatory Pre-Shift Meetings and Other Working Hours

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Most employment positions require instruction, training, and updates on how to effectively carry out tasks. For workers in dangerous roles, these meetings are essential in preventing potentially fatal incidents.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, all employees must be paid for tasks that are necessary to their role. This includes all training and safety meetings. Many of the positions in the oil and gas industry require frequent meetings and sessions to keep workers informed about new protocols, recent incidents, tasks for the current project, and other important information. Offshore divers are among these roles, and divers are often required to report to mandatory pre-shift meetings.

Any time that a workers is required to be present for a job-related task, they must be compensated accordingly. Thus, offshore divers and other oil industry workers must be paid their normal rate for any time spent at meetings and training sessions. In addition, these hours must be counted toward their weekly total of hours worked. Employers cannot discount these hours from overtime payment and other arrangements.

Workers who are frequently denied their wages by diving companies include:

  • Crane Operators
  • Divers
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Riggers
  • ROV Technicians
  • Saturation technicians
  • Tenders
  • Welders

Training divers in safety and updating them on current information is equally as important as the completion of their daily tasks, not a waste of time that must be completed to meet safety standards, and the time spent in important meetings is no less worthy of wages than time spent underwater.

Unfortunately, many workers are denied their rightful payment for time that they are required to be at work. In these situations, divers may be able to seek their unpaid wages in court.

Some of the biggest companies to employ offshore divers include:

  • Alliance Triton
  • Bisso Marine
  • Blackwater Diving
  • Cal Dive International
  • Dive Con
  • Divex Marine
  • Epic Divers & Marine
  • Gulmar Offshore
  • Legacy
  • Manson Gulf
  • Midco Diving & Marine
  • Ranger
  • Subsea Global Solutions
  • Phoenix International
  • Logan Diving & Salvage

Wage Claim Lawyers For Offshore Divers

Your right to be paid for pre-shift meetings and training time are protected by federal law. If you have been refused payment for time when you were required to be at work, contact an attorney immediately. The lawyers of Josephson Dunlap LLP have helped hundreds of offshore divers seek compensation for wages that were wrongfully denied to them. We can review your situation and determine if your rightful payment has been withheld. Contact us today.

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