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There are countless reasons why you may not have been paid all of your wages. The truth is that workers can be owed wages for a multitude of reasons, including employee misclassification. Each time you are not paid for work that you complete, it adds up. Often workers think or are told by employers, that the small amount of money unpaid isn’t worth collecting or won’t add up to an amount that will make a difference. It’s time to think again.

Wage theft and misclassification of workers occurs throughout all industries, so you are not alone. In 2021 over 36 million¹ construction workers, 13.8 million¹ healthcare workers, 34.7 million¹ food service workers, and 13.4 million¹ retail workers all filed to reclaim their unpaid wages. In the US alone, over $230 million¹ was returned to workers from wage theft. Not only are you not alone, but you are also owed money for any overtime hours you have worked.

We have seen this happen to misclassified employees time and time again. We have fought over 1,800 cases and stood behind 100,000+ workers to right the wrong that has been done to them, to fight to get back the money that they deserve.

Learn more from our free misclassification case study that highlights:

  • Common job titles that are misclassified
  • Common wage violations
  • Average payout for employees that are misclassified
  • A specific misclassification case where we represented over 3,000 workers

We will stand by your side every step of the way and make sure that if you are owed wages for unpaid overtime, we will fight for you.

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