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Filing an Unlawful Time Shaving Claim 

Time shaving is a common way in which employers seek to underpay their employees. Also known as “time clock rounding,” time shaving occurs when an employer takes time off an employee’s timecard or timekeeping record in order to pay them less than what they deserve. In most cases, this practice is illegal, and affected employees have the right to take action against their employers to seek fair compensation for unpaid wages and other damages.

If your employer has engaged in wrongful time shaving or time clock rounding practices, reach out to the team at Josephson Dunlap. With more than 22 years of experience and a long track record of success, our time shaving and time clock rounding attorneys have the knowledge, resources, and skills to advocate for you and your rights. 

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What Is Unlawful Time Shaving? 

Unlawful time shaving occurs when employers violate certain federal and state laws by reducing the amount of time they pay their employees for performing certain tasks. This can take various forms, such as deliberately inflating the number of rest breaks given to employees to reduce their overall hours worked or requiring workers to work overtime without proper compensation. These practices are illegal, and those found guilty of unlawfully shaving time off their workers’ timecards can face serious penalties.

Some examples of unlawful time shaving/time clock rounding include: 

  • Manipulating employees’ timekeeping records to reduce the amount paid in wages
  • Deliberately inflating rest breaks to reduce the amount of time paid to employees
  • Requiring workers to work overtime without proper compensation
  • Changing the hours worked on timesheets without employee approval
  • Not allowing employees to take their allotted paid or unpaid breaks
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors to avoid paying them for full hours
  • Intentionally having employees clock out and continue working
  • Adding extra duties to employees’ job descriptions without additional compensation
  • Requiring employees to take lunch within a shorter period of time than legally allowed
  • Deliberately changing start and end times of shifts without employee approval

Employers often utilize these and other practices to save money while unfairly cheating workers out of their hard-earned wages. If you believe that your employer has engaged in wrongful time shaving or time clock rounding practices, reach out to Josephson Dunlap today to learn how we can help.

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The Josephson Dunlap team believes in standing up for the rights of ordinary workers across all industries. We help hourly workers, salaried employees, independent contractors, and day-rate workers in all types of wage and hour matters, including claims involving unpaid wages and illegal time shaving by employers. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to stand up for you and fight to protect your rights. 

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How to Prove Your Employer Engaged in Unlawful Time Shaving Practices

Proving that your employer has engaged in unlawful time shaving practices can be a difficult task. It is important to document any evidence of the practice, such as emails or conversations with supervisors or managers about the practice. If you are able to collect this type of evidence, it can be used to prove that your employer was aware of the time-shaving and had knowledge of it. 

Additionally, if you have access to electronic records, such as timecards or payroll systems, they may provide additional evidence of the practice. It is also important to note any discrepancies between the hours worked and what was reported on your pay stubs or other documents.

If possible, try to obtain the following evidence: 

  • Emails or documented conversations with supervisors or managers about hours worked and/or time shaving or time clock rounding practices 
  • Copies of physical or electronic timecards or payroll systems
  • Discrepancies between hours worked and what was reported on paystubs or other documents
  • Testimony from other employees of similar experiences by the employer 
  • Records of time spent on the job compared to the time reported
  • Descriptions of any shifts that you were not paid for 
  • Any rewards or incentives given out by the employer that could indicate unlawful practices
  • Proof of required work duties that fall outside the scope of your job description and for which you were not adequately compensated 
  • Dates and times of instances in which your employer forced or pressured you to work off the clock 

If you believe that your employer is engaging in unlawful time shaving practices, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you determine if there are grounds for a wage claim against your employer. At Josephson Dunlap, our time shaving and time clock rounding attorneys will be able to review all relevant documents and advise you on how best to proceed with a potential claim. Additionally, we may be able to assist in gathering evidence and representing you in court if necessary.

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