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Delayed Wages Payment Claims

Workers have the right to be paid on time for their work, yet many employers fail to pay their employees in a timely manner. Delayed or late wage payment is a widespread problem that harms employees. Not only does it lead to financial hardship, but it also increases workers' stress and undermines their commitment to the job. In some cases, late wages can even lead to the exploitation of workers, as employers take advantage of their financial vulnerability. 

It's important to fight against untimely wage payments in order to protect workers' rights and ensure fair labor practices. At Josephson Dunlap, we are committed to doing just that. Our untimely wage payment lawyers help workers nationwide in all types of wage and hour claims, including those involving delayed wages and late payments by employers. Whether you have not received your regular wages, or your employer has failed to promptly provide your final paycheck, our team is ready to help. 

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What Constitutes a Delayed Wage Payment?

Wage payment schedules are determined solely by state law. While some states have statutes regarding an employee’s right to timely wages, others do not. That being said, even if there is no specific law in your state governing the amount of time your employer has to pay your wages, you could be entitled to legal action if your employer delays your wage payments unreasonably. 

Certain state laws govern the frequency at which employers must pay their employees. These laws also determine how long an employer has after a scheduled pay period to pay their employees’ wages. For example, in New York, most employers have seven days from their particular pay period—whether payments are made weekly or biweekly—to provide employees with their earned wages. Though there are some exceptions, workers generally have the right to pursue legal action when their employers fail to pay them in a timely manner.

What Happens If Your Employer Doesn’t Pay You on Time?

If your employer fails to pay you on time or within the set amount of time from the designated pay period, they may face criminal and civil penalties. 

The exact penalties an employer may face depend on several factors, including: 

  • The state in which they operate
  • The type and severity of the violation
  • The type of worker affected (manual workers, executives, salespeople, etc.)
  • The type of wages that were delayed (regular, final paycheck, overtime, etc.)

Additionally, for employees, the consequences of an untimely wage payment can be varied and severe. 

If your employer fails to pay you on time, you may face serious financial repercussions. Not only will your bills and living costs become harder to manage, but you may even become subject to fines or legal problems due to late payments. In addition, the emotional distress that comes with not being paid on time can be very stressful and have a negative impact on your mental health. It's important to remember that when an employer fails to pay wages promptly, they are in violation of the law and should be held accountable for their actions

Get Help for Your Untimely Wage Payments Claim

With a national presence and a long history of success—including hundreds of millions of dollars recovered in unpaid wages and a 99% success rate in certain areas—Josephson Dunlap is widely regarded as an authority in wage and hour law. If your employer has not paid you in a timely manner, we can help you take legal action and seek the fair compensation you are owed. 

In addition to backpay, you could be entitled to certain damages, such as pain and suffering. Our attorneys are prepared to utilize all available evidence to build a powerful case on your behalf. We seek to maximize our clients’ recoveries and are ready to fight for you.

Get in touch with us today at (888) 742-7242 to set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. 

What to Do If Your Employer Has Failed to Pay Your Wages Promptly

If your employer has delayed payment of your regular wages, failed to pay your final paycheck, or otherwise denied you timely access to your earnings, there are several things you should do to protect yourself and your rights. 

When your employer fails to pay your wages in a timely manner, you should take the following steps: 

  • Contact your employer and ask for an explanation as to why your wages were not paid on time
  • Check with the state labor department to see if there are any laws in place that require employers to pay wages promptly
  • File a wage claim with the state labor department if you believe that your employer has violated wage payment laws
  • Seek legal advice from a qualified attorney with experience handling wage and hour law claims

At Josephson Dunlap, we dedicate 100% of our practice to helping workers across all industries with wage and hour claims. Our experienced untimely wage payment attorneys can help you understand your rights and develop innovative strategies aimed at protecting your best interests. 

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