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As lawyers for the workers, we make sure that employers pay you for the long hours you put in and give you the wages you are owed.


Hourly workers can have pay withheld from them in several ways. We are here to help. We have handled many types of wage cases and worked with numerous clients to bring their pay to justice. We know that reclaiming your unpaid wages may seem difficult or even pointless, but we want to tell you that it’s not. We have helped many hourly employees rightfully reclaim what is theirs, and we want to help you too.

As an hourly employee your pay may be withheld by:

  • Failure to include bonuses in calculating overtime
  • Failure to pay for time spent donning and doffing protective or sanitary gear
  • “Off the Clock” Work
  • Auto-Deduction of Lunch Breaks
  • Improper use of per diems
  • Underreported Hours
  • Failing to properly calculate overtime for employees who receive two rates.
  • Being paid straight time for overtime 
  • Underreported hours 
  • Travel time
  • Attending meetings and trainings

When you call us to reclaim your unpaid wages, we immediately become your advocate. We understand that going against your employer can be scary, and even overwhelming, but we are here to take control and right the wrong that has been done to you. When you call or fill out a form, you will receive a personal case manager who will hold your hand through the quick and easy process. Your personal case manager will gather your information such as: 

  • Your job title
  • Years worked at that job
  • Your pay
  • Your hours and estimated amount of unpaid wages. 

If you are missing any information, we can help fill in the blanks. You do not pay any fees unless the case is won, and even then, we can sue your employer for attorney and court costs. Once information is gathered, then we will start to move forward and see how we can start/approach the case. If we determine you do have a case, we will move forward and your personal case manager will keep you updated every step of the way. Any questions that arise during this process will be able to be answered by your case manager. If your case is won, your unpaid wage compensation will be mailed to you. We are with you from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. We are your support, your advocate, and your partner in reclaiming your unpaid wages.

  • Wage Violations for Off the Clock Work: Successfully held Dallas ISD responsible for off the clock work of Cafeteria Workers, Bus Drivers, Teacher's Aides, Janitorial staff.
  • Wage Violations for Off the Clock Work: Obtained judgment for off the clock workers at LTD Financial Services.
  • Wage Violations for Off the Clock Work: Secured judgment in case against Goldkist for off the clock wage violations for processing line employees.
  • Wage Violations for Off the Clock Work: Successfully claimed back wages for off the clock work for line processing employees at Smithfield Foods.


No matter your industry, we can help you. No matter your salary, hourly or day rate we can help you. More importantly, we want to help you. We have been privileged to help many clients before you in many different industries and in many different positions. We have helped hourly workers reclaim overtime and/or underreported hours. We have helped salaried workers claim their unpaid overtime. We have also helped salaried workers get labeled correctly, so that they can start earning overtime. We have helped day rate workers finally start getting the pay that they deserve for overtime, and we have helped independent contractors to be classified correctly so that they can earn overtime. We have helped employees reclaim wages from three backs, two years back and even from their current employer. We have seen it all, and we have helped all different types of workers in all different types of situations. All we are asking is that you give us a chance to help change your life.

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